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Speedo Mick embarks on the last leg of his 2000 mile 'giving back tour'.

Speedo Mick’s famous charity tour is set to finish in Liverpool this December.

Speedo Mick reaches England!!

Speedo Mick (Michael Cullen) has celebrated crossing into England and thanks Wales for their welcome

Speedo Mick's 1000 mile update

Speedo reaches the halfway mark on his 2000 mile tour

Speedo Mick has been included in the Happy List 2021

He has been named among 50 inspirational people driving positive change in Britain.

Speedo Mick receives his British Citizens Award at Westminster Palace

What an amazing honour

BBC TV presenter Charlie Stayt congratulates Speedo Mick

BBC TV presenter Charlie Stayt congratulates Speedo Mick

Thanks so much

Thanks so much to these businesses that have helped to kit Speedo out for his 2000 Mile Giving Back Tour taking place over the next 5 months across UK and Ireland

Speedo Mick's Giving Back Tour 2021

Starting on May 31, Speedo Mick will embark upon a new mammoth five-month trek across the UK & Ireland to hand out cash raised from his previous adventures, as well as raising even more.

The Speedomick Journey

Today I am part of something that has given me back my self-respect, my confidence, my humility and my sense of belonging back to me.

Dreams Can Come True

Before I lost my way I had ambition and many dreams that I hoped one day would come true.