Dreams Can Come True


Before I lost my way I had ambition and many dreams that I hoped one day would come true.

I loved to stay fit and look after my myself physically. I joined a boxing Club when I was 11 as I liked to challenge myself both physically and mentally, pushing myself to my limits. Even at such a young age I loved the challenge and even though I didn’t understand it back then, it really helped with my self-esteem and mental health. I dreamed of running a marathon or becoming a footballer. Sadly, I quickly found out that I had two left feet and subsequently was always picked last or went in goal.

When I turned my life around, I immediately set about getting fit again. It felt so good to be able to run free again I became very fit and I decided to incorporate my running and fitness into giving back to the community. I began fundraising for various charities across the country and have continued to do this ever since.

I have fulfilled my dream of running a marathon and completed 5 Triathlons, I walked 200 miles from Liverpool to Wembley, 700 miles to Lyon and 1,000 miles from John O’Groats to LandsEnd in the middle of winter all in my swimming trunks. I have also swam the English Channel! While I was fulfilling my own goals and ticking off my bucket list I was raising thousands of pounds for charity and good causes.

This winter I will be taking on another massive challenge in my trusted swimming trunks, goggles and swim cap - I will be walking 2000 miles in all kinds of freezing weather so that The SpeedoMick Foundation can give back to many deserving causes. These causes and charities are in desperate need of financial help especially in this time of crisis and uncertainty with the Covid19 pandemic.

I would like to thank every single person who has supported myself and my fundraising efforts over the years.