Speedo Mick receives his British Citizens Award at Westminster Palace


‘Speedo Mick’ (Michael Cullen) is swapping his Speedos for a smart suit today as he receives his well deserved British Citizens Award at Westminster Palace. 

The accolade is being given for Michael’s immense fundraising efforts and sees him take a short break from his 2,000 mile trek around the UK and Ireland which he is currently undertaking. 

Michael said: “Have I mentioned what I'm doing today? 

“I am so proud to be receiving my British Citizens Award today at Westminster Palace. 

“The big question though is will they recognise me in my clothes? 

“I’d best pack a pair of my blue Speedos!” 

Every day all of our lives are shaped by individuals like Michael doing great things – often behind the scenes, or away from the glare of publicity.

People are the key to making our society and communities special places to live. So what could be better than to single some of them out for recognition with The British Citizens Award (BCA).

The Honours are a benchmark against which individuals will be able to measure their standing in the community; the respect with which they are held by others; and benefit from recognition for their endeavour. All recipients will also be featured on The British Citizen Award Roll of Honour.

There are eight individual categories, each having its own specific subject area, but all the BCAs are underpinned by the overarching qualities of transparency, integrity, determination and achievement.

Among them is Speedo Mick (Michael Cullen), who is over three months into his latest new mega mission - walking 2,000 miles across the UK and Ireland, collecting donations and handing out up to £250,000 to worthy causes.

Michael has trekked thousands of miles, attended hundreds of football matches and raised more than £650,000 in recent years - all while dressed only in a pair of blue Speedo swimming trunks.

The keen Everton fan started in Stornoway on the 31st of May embarking on his mammoth five-month trek across the UK and Ireland to hand out cash raised from his previous adventures - as well as raising even more.

The superfit fundraiser, who has twice been nominated for a Pride of Britain Award, first hit the headlines in 2014 by swimming the English Channel in just under 16 hours - despite being a novice swimmer.

He turned up to Everton’s next home game in a pair of blue Speedos with ‘Channel Swimmer’ written on his chest, and his famous look was born.

The SpeedoMick Foundation was set up in 2020 and Mick and a board of trustees work on helping good causes in the fields of homelessness and disadvantaged young people.

It aims to work with vulnerable groups to advance education, prevent or relieve poverty and support people facing issues such as ill-health or financial hardship.