Our Mission

Helping people talk in confidence about their doubts and fears, encouraging them to do different things and helping them grow confidence and self-esteem.

Our mission as the SpeedoMick Foundation is to provide support for young people through education, relieving poverty, or the support of mental and physical health.

Our aim will be to support the most vulnerable in our communities by showing compassion and understanding and to make what we do inclusive to all. We as a charity hope to be able to make a positive impact to families individuals and groups in those communities.

"We need to tackle the problems in our society by being caring, compassionate and loving to our children.."

The speedomick Foundation will primarily be looking to support charities and groups that are engaged in showing compassion and understanding to young people as we believe that having a difficult upbringing or childhood for what ever reason does not have to define your future in fact we believe the opposite and given the right support and encouragement and showing them compassion and understanding we can help them believe in themselves so that they can make the right decisions as an adult. We hope to broaden there horizons in the hope that they will become a valuable member of our communities and society as whole and in the hope they make a positive contribution to society.

We hope to guide them in the right direction so that they do not make the same mistakes I did in my life . I am very passionate about this subject as I have experienced the lack of guidance and support compassion and understanding that a young person needs whilst in the formative years or teenage years.

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