Speedo Mick's 1000 mile update


Since the start of the Giving Back Tour by Speedo Mick earlier this year, the Speedo Mick Foundation has been busy processing grant applications from charities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Michael Cullen (Speedo Mick) has already walked hundreds of miles in his determination to raise money for people and good causes who otherwise may not have received the support they needed. 

This 2,000-mile, five month walk is called the Giving Back Tour but it is only possible through the huge and continued generosity of local people who Mick either meets along the way - he has received some truly heartwarming donations from people he has met - but also families at home who have been donating online. 

We would like to thank the many local businesses too which have been sponsoring Michael’s efforts and have also made some very positive donations. 

Please continue to support the Speedo Mick Foundation as the tour continues! 

You will see from the donations which Michael is making as he walks across the UK and Ireland that these donations are making a huge difference to people’s lives. 

So far, applications for funding worth a total of more than £130,000 have been received from over 50 UK and Irish charities. 

Substantial sums have been paid out by Michael along his walk to good causes that: support homeless people; give young people a future; help people whose lives have been blighted by drugs to grab a second chance at life; support unemployed people back to work; ensure families who have lost loved ones can make their communities a better place for all in their memory. 

As Michael said: “I'm giving back in recognition of those that gave to me during some really tough times."

Our mission as the SpeedoMick Foundation is to provide support for young people through education, relieving poverty, or the support of mental and physical health.

Our aim will be to support the most vulnerable in our communities by showing compassion and understanding and to make what we do inclusive to all. 

Can you help Michael to continue to take a step in the right direction? 

It couldn’t be easier, and the difference you will make is huge. 

Please donate via our GoFundMe page here

Do you know of an organisation that needs our support? 

Then please get in touch via the Speedo Mick Foundation website here

And as Michael passes your area, please come along to give him a wave and cheer him along on his Giving Back Tour!