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Helping disadvantaged young people and the homeless.

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After spending many years suffering from childhood trauma mentalhealth issues and addiction all acumilating in having a self distructive nature i finally reached out and i recieved the support i desperatly needed and which most definitly saved my life i then began a knew chapter in my life and i have never looked back since.

From a person bent on destroying himself in desperate need of support and guidance i am now providing support to others were ever we can.

We are giving that very same support to people who have found themselves in a place of dispare and we are doing it through The Speedomick Foundation and because of the support of every person that has donated in the 3 years that The Speedomick Foundation has been established as a registered charity.

Through your continued support we are able to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and supportive groups in communities up and down the UK and Ireland.       Your donations have helped save lives and given people a helping hand to find the support that they needed so that they to can get thier lives back on track as i did 21 years ago.

i am immensely gratful and humbled to say that i am 21 years clean and i am living my best life. The giving back process (giving to others) has given me purpose and that purpose is to put the light and the hope back into anyones life that has lost it for what ever reason that may be.

Hope lives in the darkest places




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