Grant Application Process


The SpeedoMick Foundation’s objectives, through the provision of grants, is to work with groups directly supporting economically disadvantaged people. 

The Foundation began grant funding small, grass roots charities and community groups during the covid 19 pandemic when the demands on their services were stretched to capacity and they were often unable to fundraise.

So far we have awarded 128 grants with a combined total of over £282k. 

We are not currently accepting any new applications but if you have any questions about this or anything else please get in touch with Rachel on our contact page.


Priorities for Support

The number of projects which can be supported is limited. The initial priorities for funding has been to those charities whose projects include:

  • Working with those who are homeless
  • Ex offender rehabilitation or educational support
  • General relief for people in need
  • The advancement of education

The Grant Making Process

Stage 1 Application

Applications must be received via the website. All applicants complete a standard application form which provides details of the charity or body applying, use to which any donated funds will be put to and how much is being applied for.

Stage 2 Review & Approval

All applications are reviewed against the  SMF core objectives. The second stage of the application process may require a written presentation  to the board of Trustees for review and final approval , or may passport through to Stage 3 if sufficient information is provided.

Stage 3 Donation

Fully approved applications are then awarded the amounts agreed by the board of Trustees. All corresponding press, PR and media announcements coordinated and approved by MC in conjunction with the receiving entity where appropriate.

Stage 4 Monitor & Report

The trustees will seek feedback on how any donations have been spent and also look to see evidence of the efficiency and success of any donations. MC may attend any appropriate activities carried out by the charitable causes that have received SMF donations.

* Amounts requested by applicants to be checked against pre agreed criteria of % of funds available in SMF and amount requested from SMF as % of overall charity. 

We are not currently accepting new applications. For queries please get in touch via the contact form

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